British Racketball :
the Doubles Game.

Basically :

Each team assigns a server for each game, and a "left" and a "right" receiver for the whole match.
During each rally you must play in rotation following the same opponent. In the next rally the order will be different.
When you have played your shot, move safely towards the back centre of the court to join the queue of people waiting for their turn at the T.
Obstruction by the other team gains you a let or stroke. If your own partner gets in your way, tough luck, and no arguing (sure!).

Eyeguards (safety goggles) are recommended.

Great for families, couples, parent/child etc.

Super for squash widows, new-comers, old go-ers, born-again squash players, injury returners etc.

Even the Executive types who don't want to go back to the office red-faced after a lunchtime session.

Who CAN'T play this game ??

But you'll need a sense of humour, because this is FUN :-)

Unless, of course, you want to play seriously!
In which case Link to the Full Rules of Squash! and see you at Sheffield in May.


Partly funded with a Lottery Grant from Sport England. Thanks, guys 'n' gals!